2019 Collective_Inter_Reliance
2019 Visual Arts Regional Winner of Ireland in The Global Undergraduate Award

Forcing a person to kneel on dried grain - peas, beans, rice, charcoal, ect; is a historical form of domestic corporal punishment for many nations, including Latvians. This practice flourished in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Collective_Inter_Reliance is an interactive installation consisting of ... photography, graphics, video and sculptures that incorporate silicone, dried grain, sound absorbing material, bamboo, fabric and clarified butter - orders are complicated and fragmented, meanings layered and incomplete. Tyranny in every form creates unique and upsetting perspectives on social contract and morality set against the cruel, unreasonable, and arbitrary use of power and control. Collective_Inter_Reliance explores restriction and oppression with ideas of judgement and punishment, manifesting itself in a physical and psychological trauma as a result of the abuse. The issues that arise spring from the repressive nature of society both socially and historically and the constraints of change within these systems. With a strong focus on form, construction and material, I build structures where the intensity required to make the work is an integral part of the process.I integrate common domestic objects into my work which are set against a billboard size black and white photograph of imprinted skin. Draught excluders, cushions, pillows and coat hanger take on dual meanings. The visual elements of the installation reveals a limited physical and psychological space. The instillation restricts, confines and separates. It creates limits. The physical presence of these limits is also supported by multimedia, which resonates with the bean's photo image displayed next to it. Clarified butter reacts to the surface of the dried peas that it is placed on as if it flows stopping on the physical edge, not in time, but in essence. Those are the subtle moments in the dynamics of formation and affectedness.